Can My Social Media Posts Impact My DUI Case?

Can My Social Media Posts Impact My DUI Case

You can post pretty much anything on social media sites without fear of legal repercussions, except for copyrighted material. Most social media sites for this post will be referred to as Facebook. However, just because it’s within your right to post what you want, doing so isn’t likely to help if you’re charged with serious offenses.

You face serious charges if you have been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI). Without a strong defense against the charges you face, it’s highly likely that you’ll face some time in jail. Unfortunately, people can compromise their situation further by posting on social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Making Claims About Police Procedures

If you are discussing the specifics of your DUI case, you could be violating your legal rights and hurting your defense. It does not matter whether your statements are true or false.

Unfortunately, using Facebook to make claims about your DUI case could be seen as malicious. For example, if you were to post on your Facebook wall that you were driving under the influence because you were upset with how the police handled your DUI arrest, you could be violating your rights. You could even be charged with a separate crime.

The district attorney’s office is aware of the power of social media and even created a “fake” Facebook account to keep an eye on social media posts about DUI cases.

You should avoid making any statements about your DUI case on social media sites to protect yourself. This includes ideas in support of another person’s opinions. It also contains statements in opposition to another person’s statements.

This is true even if you are posting from your account. It is vitally important that you not make any statements about your case on social media.

Revealing Your DUI Case’s Specifics

Even if you are not posting anything on your Facebook page or other social media accounts, you should never discuss details of your case in public. You might feel compelled to talk about your case when you find out that you have friends that are also dealing with DUI cases. You might even think that this is an excellent way to help them out.

However, you should stop and evaluate what you are about to say very carefully. You could say something that you don’t realize is against the law.

If you find that you are very upset by your charges and want to talk to a friend about it, simply tell them that you are not discussing the case and change the subject as quickly as possible.

Posting Online Can Compromise Your Defense

You can use social media sites in many different ways, but you should be careful about how you use them. Sharing information about your case could violate the First Amendment and may lead to other consequences, such as contempt charges, witness tampering charges, or even a new DUI charge.

Suppose you have been arrested for a DUI, and you have been charged with additional crimes because of information you posted on your Facebook page. In that case, you will want to speak to a criminal defense lawyer immediately. Your lawyer can review the specific facts of your case and advise you of your rights as they pertain to your lawsuit.

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While social media platforms allow you a great way to communicate with your friends, family, and the entire world, you should be careful when using them to discuss your DUI case. Remember that any information you post can be used against you.

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