Steps You Need to Do When Accused of a Crime You Didn’t Do

accused of a crime

Unexpected things can happen. Police officers knock on your door, investigating. They then tell you that someone has been accused of robbery, murder, and other things you didn’t do. In this kind of situation, it’s better to stay calm and be precise with your actions.

Here are the things you should consider doing when falsely accused of a crime you know you didn’t do:

It Would Be Best If You Did Not Say Anything

Police are not required to read you your Miranda rights until you are in custody and being interrogated; however, this does not mean you should not exercise your right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you, and they will take advantage of the situation.

Don’t be alarmed if police officers arrive at your door and investigate. Don’t even try to justify yourself by claiming that you are blameless. Remember to follow procedures but assert your right when applicable.

You Must Call an Attorney to Help You

Your attorney-client privilege protects your conversations with your attorney. For this reason, you can go ahead and give your attorney as much information as possible. They will be better prepared to defend you through the numerous responsibilities they will shoulder. Listed below are some reasons you should seek out legal counsel:

  1. They determine whether or not charges have been filed – Your attorney will respond to the questions of whether or not charges have been filed against you, as well as what offenses you have.
  2. They assist in keeping you from exposing yourself – You have the right to be accompanied by an attorney whenever the police investigate you.
  3. They can deal with threats made by your accuser – If someone threatens to accuse you to the police falsely, your attorney’s job is to persuade him of his error.
  4. They can reach an agreement with your prosecutor – When there is little evidence against you, your attorney can negotiate with the prosecutor to drop or reduce your charges.

You Need to Sue for Defamation

If you have been falsely accused, an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you defend your rights and weigh your options. A false accusation has the potential of landing you in jail as well as harming your reputation. It could jeopardize your future career while costing you a lot of money in legal fees.

If you have been falsely accused, you may have a defamation claim. To establish a defamation defense, whether for libel or slander, you must show that the defendant’s statement to a third party harmed your reputation and caused you harm. False accusations of serious crimes are frequently considered libel and can go to your favor if you have the right preparations.

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A person falsely accused should hire an attorney to help him plead his innocence. With an experienced lawyer and someone you trust, you can exercise your rights. If you are charged for a crime, you did not commit, you should hire an attorney to help you plead not guilty.

A criminal defense attorney aids you in building a solid case for your innocence. Even if you were arrested for a crime you didn’t commit, you have the legal right to demand that the prosecutor prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. You may be able to plead not guilty if your attorney can demonstrate that the evidence against you is not enough to provide a basis for a conviction.

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