Settling a Divorce? Here’s Why You Should Stay off Social Media

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These days, many people cannot live without social media, let alone the internet. The moment you wake up, you go online to learn about the news, consume information, and stay connected with your friends and family on various platforms.

But when it comes to individuals going through legal matters, such as divorce proceedings, it may be necessary for you to stay away from social media for the time being. You and your spouse may provide valuable details online which could be used against each other as evidence, and if you don’t want your situation to come to that, it’s better to go offline.

The legal world is pretty complicated, and the best thing you can do if you want a shot at winning your case is hiring a reliable divorce attorney. They will be the one to handle everything, including tackling potential evidence found on your spouse’s online profiles.

Meanwhile, keep reading below to find out how social media can affect you during these trying times.

Why You Should Stay Off Social Media

During a divorce, you must continue living your life as usual and go about your daily routine as usual until the next time the judges call you in for your next hearing. If part of your day-to-day activities involves updating your social media platforms, you may be tempted to talk about your personal life online, particularly your divorce.

Although you’ve made your profiles private and blocked your soon-to-be ex-spouse on all your socials, it’s still possible for them to find out about what you post through your mutual friends. As a result, you put yourself at risk because the information you publish could place you in a tight spot; the other party has the power to use it as evidence against you in court.

Meanwhile, if you plan to perform extreme measures with your divorce lawyer and acquire information from your partner through illegal ways, you cannot use what you find against them. Whether it’s creating a fake profile or hacking into their accounts, any piece of evidence you encounter will be dismissed by the court.

How Social Media Evidence Can Support Your Divorce

If you rely on legal methods of acquiring information on your partner’s social media profiles, you can use the content they publish as leverage for you to gain a better standing in your divorce. Any reliable proof you and your attorney acquire puts them in a bad light, which goes to show how unreliable they are as a spouse and parent to your kids.

If they post pictures of them out while the kids are at home, it could indicate the neglect of their responsibility as a parent. If they post about the expensive things they buy while not paying for child support, it can mean they’re lying about not having money.

Moreover, if your spouse is having an affair, the photos they share on social media can prove that they’re cheating on you, which further strengthens the divorce.

Anything your partner does online that the courts learn about can fuel your current position in the case.

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If you are having a difficult time processing your divorce and you’re worried that the information on your social media platforms could impact your case, the best thing to do is hire a family law attorney. They will work with you to help you achieve a stress-free separation, all while teaching you the things to do while you’re in the middle of a divorce.

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