How Evidence Can Be Used to Turn a Case to Your Favor

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In any legal case, the entire process of seeking the truth and enforcing justice can easily become a long-winded endeavor that entails considering all the correct details.

From homicide cases to fraud and libel, it’s no secret that the task of prosecuting an accused person for a crime requires a more detailed approach with a small margin for error. Among all the factors that law enforcement officials need to tackle throughout the prosecution process, a task that calls for even more attention and preparation is the collection, analysis, and storage of evidence.

Why evidence holds a significance in any case

Generally, the evidence collected maintains significant importance in establishing a timeline of events during a criminal case because of its ability to act as an indisputable truth that helps verify any arguments in a case. With a wide range of available bits and pieces of evidence and information, the prosecutor can accurately gauge someone’s involvement in a crime.

The importance of proper evidence handling

Throughout the evidence management process, every piece must be managed as meticulously as possible at all times.

Each article calls for a significant amount of care with handling so that no fragments or details are broken off or altered. Given the significance of these minor details in determining the overall success and effectiveness of the investigation process, there are necessary steps that must be taken for proper handling.

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The risks of the process

Although evidence is considered by many as a certain gold standard for any criminal case, it is still very much susceptible to quite a few problems throughout a situation. This is especially true when it comes to contamination.

Contamination itself has become a significant issue in the handling process because inevitable mistakes can lead to inaccuracies on the facts of a particular case and deliberation on the innocence or guilt of the accused. For those wrongfully accused, however, this risk can pose a significant turnover in the momentum of a case as the chain of custody concerning a piece of evidence and its admissibility in court can be challenged as well.

How a piece of evidence may be inadmissible

In most cases where evidence is considered objectionable, the necessary steps are taken to dismantle its credibility or prove that it was mishandled or tampered with. Such cases, however, are verified through a careful review of the documentation that is associated with the handling and documentation of the piece of information itself.

For instance, if it is proven that a laboratory tested the sample from a crime scene without updating the documentation, then the evidence can be deemed inadmissible. On the other hand, having an officer collect the evidence without recording their information or logging in when they were brought in the evidence can also lead to a denial of its validity.


Going through the process of evidence handling is a vital factor when it comes to determining the overall success of a case and the way a party is proven guilty or innocent. If you’re involved in a case wherein a state has determined that there is a physical piece of information that is held against you, however, then you can check if the validity of the evidence has been mishandled or contaminated.

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