The Pros and Cons of Uncontested Divorces in Louisiana

uncontested divorces in louisiana

While divorces are typically complex and challenging to go through, not all divorces are like this. Some breeze through quickly, mainly because both spouses have already agreed and are fully ready to move on.

These kinds of cases are known as uncontested divorces.

Apart from the fact that uncontested divorces complete much quicker than contested divorces, there’s no court intervention either, making the whole ordeal much more affordable and painless.

That said, there are still pros and cons in uncontested divorces in Louisiana, and today, we’re going to share these with you to help you find out whether uncontested divorces are the way to go:

The Pros of Uncontested Divorces

To start, let us begin with the pros of uncontested divorces.

The first pro of any uncontested divorces is the money saved due to not having to show up in court. Mixing in not having to go between attorneys and the mere fact that there will be no fighting, the entire process becomes a lot more affordable. There will still be some costs, but these are straightforward and are much cheaper.

The second pro of uncontested divorces is the time spent compared to contested divorces. Contested divorces have been commonly known to draw out over months or even several years, whereas uncontested divorces can be completed within a few weeks.

Finally, one of the best things about uncontested divorces is that whatever’s left of the relationship isn’t damaged. This is a vital thing to maintain, especially when kids are part of the equation. Because both spouses have already come to an agreement and are ready to move on, there is no fighting that can ruin the relationships not only between the two spouses but even with the children.

The Cons of Uncontested Divorces

While it might be incredibly enticing to try and achieve uncontested divorces based on the pros above, it is vital to consider the cons that will affect the process.

The first con about uncontested divorces is that one spouse might pressure the other spouse out of their rights. For example, if you feel pressured to reach out to the court to deal with child support, custody, and the like, you’re being pressured and must not agree to an uncontested divorce. This is because you must determine your rights first as a person, especially if they’re the breadwinner and control your finances.

The second con you’ll face when undergoing uncontested divorces is the fact that you or your spouse may not feel like cooperating at all. An uncontested divorce is all about the two spouses already talking and agreeing on different things, but without the talk and cooperation, an uncontested divorce is a bad idea. In other words, if everything always ends in fighting and shouting, you’ll want to opt for a contested divorce and work with an attorney.

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All in all, is uncontested divorce a good idea? As long as you and your spouse are fully cooperative and are fully ready to move on without much of a hassle, then an uncontested divorce is a great idea.

It’ll ensure that you and your spouse can be separated quickly and without too much cost, allowing the both of you to move on with your lives. On the other hand, if it feels like nothing is being agreed on, or you feel pressured to divorce, a contested divorce is the way to go.

This way, you can hold onto your rights as an individual. Plus, with an attorney by your side fighting for you, this ensures that you are entitled to what’s rightfully yours, allowing you to move on with life without too much trouble.

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