Questions You Should Ask Your Divorce Lawyer

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Nobody likes the idea of having to face divorce but sometimes they are unavoidable. When a couple is facing a situation wherein their differences are no longer reconcilable, or if a spouse is in an abusive relationship, then a divorce is a necessary step for both spouses to move on from their relationship and start anew.

One of the problems with divorce is that they rarely happen amicably. It is for this reason that both parties seek the best divorce lawyers to handle their cases. There are many important things that need to be discussed and resolved during the divorce process including the custody of the children, asset division, child support, and more.

It will help to know about the process as much as you can so you know what to expect. For this to happen, you need to ask your lawyer the right questions. Here are some of the things you should ask your divorce attorney in Shreveport when you meet them for the first time:


What are your suggestions regarding my communication with my spouse?

Your attorney will give you guidance regarding the things that you can or cannot say to your spouse, especially when it’s about the divorce. Know that when you disclose confidential matters to the other party, this could jeopardize things for you.


Will I need to appear in court?

Unless the divorce is contested, there would be no need for either of you to appear in court. However, if the other party contests the divorce, your appearance will most likely be mandatory.

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What are my options for child custody?

Your lawyer will discuss with you all the custody options that you can choose from so you can decide which one appeals to you the best. If it’s an amicable divorce, you might want to consider splitting the custody 50-50. However, if you believe, for any reason, that your child’s safety might be at risk with your former spouse, then you might want to file for full custody of your kids.


Should we ask the court for a temporary order?

If you have reason to believe that your former spouse would react violently to the divorce, you could ask the lawyer to request for temporary court orders including a restraining order to protect you.


Who will actually work on my case?

It’s a given that a law firm has lots of staff members. You can’t expect the lawyer to work on your case on their own. Most likely, they have a team of paralegals and other professionals who will have access to your case, but know that these people will all work hard to get you a favorable ruling.


How much will the fee be?

The cost will vary depending on several factors. Most attorneys charge an hourly fee but some will have a set flat fee for the entire process. The Law Office of Chris Stahl has a $150 fee for all family law cases.


As the case progresses, you will learn more about the process and what is expected of you, as well as what you should prepare for. By proactively asking the questions mentioned above, you’ll be able to grasp the basics of the divorce procedure and what you can expect. Choosing a reliable divorce attorney in Shreveport is key in ensuring that you’ll get the results you want from your divorce.

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