Grey Divorce — Why People Go Through It and What to Consider Beforehand

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Divorce is a complicated procedure, and has shifted in these changing times. While early life divorces can be extremely complicated, especially in families that are newer and have children that are still young, more and more divorces are occurring amongst middle aged adults. When many people picture divorce, they picture a young couple who discovers they no longer have the same feelings they once had. Nobody really pictures couples “happily” married for twenty or so years suddenly splitting up.

The trend of mid-life divorce is increasing at the alarming rate of one in four people at the national level of the United States. Some even believe it will just keep increasing. Long-lasting couples used to be viewed as role models in relationships, as they were projected to be together for  “forever.”

Unfortunately, that is no longer the case.

Why Grey Divorces Are Gaining Traction


Social Acceptance Has Changed

Years ago, divorce was not socially acceptable, which meant older couples put up with one another longer despite unhappiness in the relationship. Times have changed, which has caused a change in the judgment of what is socially acceptable. This has made people who are older leave unhealthy marriages as well.


Average Life Expectancy Has Increased

With longer life spans, due in large part to advanced medical care practices, people are likely to end an unhappy marriage rather than put up with it. This has spurred older adults to seek to spend the remainder of their lives more focused on their own happiness, rather than a social or societal norm.


The Idea Of Marriage Constantly Shifts

In the past, to be socially accepted, partners had to be legally and religiously married, with a happy family and white picket fence. For better or worse, modern-day trends have shifted, turning the idea of marriage into less and less common necessity in relationships.


Online Dating

With the presence of online dating apps and sites, people who are lonely or looking for love have it all at their fingertips. Some sites are even tailoring the dating scene for older singles, this has made people want to try their hand at dating again at any age.

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What To Consider Before Getting A Mid-life Divorce

Divorce amongst people over the age of 50 years old is becoming more common and often entails more things to think about with your partner when going through this tumultuous process. Here are four things that are important to consider when approaching a divorce:


Health Insurance

Health insurance may leave you uncovered when ending your marriage with your spouse. Make sure that you have the funds necessary to support your insurance costs after the split because the older you get, the more expensive independent health insurance becomes.


Where You And Your Ex-Spouse Will Live

Make sure that you and your spouse will have separate homes to live in. This may require you to sell your shared home to provide for single family income. You may find it necessary to seek rental housing for a time. If the funds are available, then one can buy the other spouse out of the home and retain the home while the other searches for another place to live.


Social Security Benefits

After a midlife divorce, check if your ex-spouse is entitled to them. If you are 62 years old and have been married for at least 10 years, you can claim the social security benefits. Remarrying means you may lose entitlement, so be sure about your next moves.


Estate Planning

At this point, your kids may have probably left home already, consider their future and your own. If you have considerable assets, consider how divorce may affect those plans.


Divorce is never easy, but sometimes divorces at an older age can make it all the more difficult. Younger couples still have years ahead for work and life, but midlife or late in life divorce means there are more things to think about. Consult with a family law attorney to be sure of any moves to be made.

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