6 Tips to Positively Influence Your Child Custody Case

6 tips to positively influence your child custody case

When in the middle of a bitter divorce or separation, child custody arrangements that come with it can be equally distressing. As a parent, you may be worried that you will lose custody of your child, or that you will not be granted as much time as you used to have with them. While these are all valid reactions, the best way to approach custody disputes is to remain level-headed because rashness and imprudence can easily jeopardize your case.

In this article, we will share six tips on how to build your case and influence a positive outcome:


Spend time with your child

Make it a point to be actively involved in your child’s everyday life. Take your child out, do their favorite activities with them, and have a regular dialogue with their teachers about their performance.

Usually, a judge will try to award joint custody to both parents, but they may not receive equal time with the child. In addition, if you are not a part of the child’s life now, it’s highly likely that the court will not look favorably on you.


Don’t badmouth your spouse

The situation may make you desperate to win the child over; however, do not alienate your spouse or speak ill of them with or in front of your child. Your relationship may be rough with your spouse/ex, and it may seem like you just can’t see eye-to-eye, but never stand between him/her and your child unless your spouse/ex presents some danger to the child. Keep in mind that any form of obvious parental alienation could seriously hurt your case.


Don’t fight with your child

Avoid doing anything that can cause your child significant emotional harm. If it is proven that you have committed anything that harmed your child’s emotional state, the court may not look favorably on your case. As much as you can, find ways to communicate positively with your partner and avoid arguing, especially in front of the child.

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Be calm and composed

No matter how intolerable your situation is, try your best to be level-headed. Issues like domestic violence or child abuse can critically hurt your custody case, so remaining calm and composed throughout the process can help your case. Be mature in every interaction with your former partner or with the child to show that you are a capable parent.


Build a support network

Raising a child alone from this point forward will not be easy, so it is best to build your support network as early as now. You may seek help from extended family members, such as the child’s grandparents, as well as their nieces and nephews, to help provide a healthy family environment for the child. However, be mindful that family members are not a substitute for the child’s parent.

Seeking help from neighbors, friends, colleagues, and other parents will also help you. As much as you can, build a network of people who can vouch for your involvement in your child’s life.


Choose a reputable attorney

You can do everything from your end to preserve a good relationship with your child, but the judge will still have the final say. Because of this, you must carefully choose the lawyer who will represent you in court. You will need someone who has both the trial experience and expertise in handling family-related and child custody cases.


Going through a separation and arranging child custody can be a painful process, but following the tips shared above will make it easier for you. Also, remember that you don’t have to do this alone. Get support from your family and friends, but most importantly, work with an attorney who is experienced in handling child custody cases to ensure a positive end.

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