4 Factors That Determine Child Custody in Louisiana

Child custody in louisiana

Couples may need to go their separate ways due to various reasons. Whatever the cause may be, however, there will always be a need for them to discuss the custody of their kids. While childless couples are free from this type of concern, a couple who has one or more children may need to clarify their conditions so that none of the kids may be affected negatively. This is also done so that each of the parents may have a fair schedule when having quality time with their kids.

That said, there are situations where both mom and dad may not come to a mutual agreement. This wouldn’t surprise family court judges as it may not be the first time that they’d encounter this circumstance. In such a case, they will need to analyze the situation and decide regarding the child’s custody.

If you happen to be a parent who is currently undergoing the same situation, consider the following factors that could affect the child custody’s outcome, particularly under Louisiana law:


The Capabilities of Each Parent to Provide For Their Child

One major factor that the judge will consider is the livelihood and capability of each parent to provide for their kids. This may not be a problem if both parents are well-off. Still, the judge will analyze their ability to provide all the necessities, including food, education, and even a safe environment to live in. Whichever parent may provide these things consistently may have the upper hand.


The Bond and Affection That the Child Has With Each of Their Parent

It is only natural for a parent to care for their child, but they will also need to consider which parent the child prefers more. A child would be the judge’s natural witness, in terms of which parent provides more care and affection towards them. If one parent seems more alienated than the other, chances are, they lacked in that department.

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The Substantial Needs of the Child

This is different from the first pointer since it mainly refers to the child’s emotional, mental, and even spiritual needs. Money may be essential to provide for the child’s health and education, but that will not be enough to enrich their character and morals. The judge will see that the child will have a well-balanced childhood, which can only be achieved by providing both their physical and substantial needs.


The Preference of the Child

The child would be the judge’s witness. While they may be too young to make decisions for themselves, they still have the right to be heard in court. If they happen to mention that one parent is more caring than the other, it wouldn’t even matter how rich the other parent is.

The judge will choose the person that has the most balanced approach in raising their child. Of course, the ability to provide for their kids will still come into play, but that will all amount to nothing if the child grows up without any discipline due to a parent’s lack of morals and conduct.


More factors come into play when discussing the custody of a child. The ones mentioned above are just some of the most common indicators considered in the court of law.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, make sure that you prepare all of the receipts that may work in your favor. This may include your capability to provide for your kid, such as the time you’ve spent taking care of them and the decisions you’ve made in the past that contributed to their proper upbringing. Present all of these and raise your chances of having custody of your kids.

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