4 Reasons to Contact a Family Lawyer

4 reasons to contact a family lawyer

2019 Attorney & Practice Magazine Family Law badgeHiring an attorney is an extremely important but confusing process, so knowing when to approach an attorney is a definite must. While some attorneys are highly knowledgeable in several facets of the law, a lawyer’s knowledge and expertise can make or break the cases you entrust them with. Knowing a lawyer’s primary practice should be your first priority before contacting them to ensure you receive the best answers to your queries.

One of the most important and frequently required areas of expertise is family law. A good family law attorney is capable and knowledgeable in all forms of domestic disputes, so having a family attorney on speed-dial can be a big help to resolving issues quickly. While domestic issues can be fairly commonplace, knowing when to call an attorney is another practice that you should apply.

Here are 4 reasons to contact a family lawyer…

During Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Pre-nuptial agreements have steadily become necessary for many marriages, due to the high rate of divorce in the United States. While some people view a pre-nuptial agreement as tedious paperwork or “insurance”; improper or poorly-written agreements can become a prime source of issues and heartache and unnecessary litigation. As such, the expert advice of a family attorney is necessary.

A family attorney won’t only validate and clarify the contents, they can also give gravitas to the situation. This way, both parties will understand what they agree to, which will result in a better agreement being drafted. Both parties can retain (and are encouraged) to have their own attorney involved in drafting and signing, which provides confidence in the agreement while assuring that it was not signed under pressure or duress.

For Adoption Service Applications

Adopting a child is no small feat. It demands a lot of preparation, paperwork, and meetings. Having a family lawyer to advise you and your partner can be a generous help. Not only can they provide you with assistance for all the paperwork and necessary preparations for it to be successful, but they can also help you pursue private adoption. While this won’t necessarily ensure your application can become a success, a lawyer can make sure that things won’t get messy later on in life with the birth parents.

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During Divorce Procedures

This is probably one of the most common reasons to call your lawyer. While going through or initiating divorce proceedings, with a skilled litigator/counselor/mediator is highly advised. A family law attorney can assist with the division of properties, child custody, and support. Their presence can assure the proper determination of what constitutes separate and community (marital) assets.

For Child Custody Issues and Arrangements

Fighting for child custody can sometimes be a wearisome battle, so the expertise of a family law attorney is absolutely vital when faced with it. Whether it’s because of divorce or other domestic issues, they can help protect your rights in disputes about child custody and child support agreements, as well as the proper negotiation for visitation rights.


Having an attorney for these situations can greatly help ease some stress, especially when things start to get problematic. A family lawyer’s expert advice won’t only encompass the courtroom, but can really provide the best support for escalating domestic issues.

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